CyberGaTE games are based around EdgeCoin, a Web Based Financial Organisation located in the North West of England. EdgeCoin has a parent company based in the United States, and offers an "EdgeWallet" account based on its own proprietary crypto-currency.

During the games, players will experience how to test EdgeCoins systems for vulnerabilities from the perspective of a System Penetration Tester. The Games cover several different aspects of penetration testing, from the Initial Data Gathering right through to an Attack on the System.

Game Part 1 - Data Detective

In Part 1 of CyberGaTE players experience the first phase of a penetration test, this being to gather information about the system. Players will be hired as a penetration tester to see if EdgeCoin is vulnerable to any cyber-threats. The player will use common information gathering techniques, such as dumpster diving and social engineering, to gather the required information. This will then be used to create a successful phishing email to gain additional information from the edge coin employees, such as usernames and passwords. This is all with the end goal of proving that EdgeCoin has several security loop holes that need addressing.

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Game Part 2 - Data Detective

The second part of the CyberGaTE game series focuses on launching an attack on EdgeCoin's systems, with players having successfully gathered the required information during the Information Gathering phase covered in Part 1. During this game, the participant will play the role of the attacker and will conduct the hacking exercise on the EdgeCoin network. The game focuses on the three important stages of hacking, starting with Reconnaissance, and then continuing with the Vulnerability Scan and Assessment, and Exploitation. The game concludes with players carrying out an SQL Injection attack on the Website used to allow EdgeCoin customers to transfer their funds.

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Minimum System Requirements for Games

The following list details the minimum requirements recommended to run the CyberGaTE games. Though they may run on systems with lower specifications, you may experience sub-optimal performance.

Additional Content

CyberGaTE Poster - Edge Hill End of Year Showcase

A poster about the CyberGaTE Project, produced for the Edge Hill University Department of Computing End of Year Showcase 2017.

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Presentation by Dr. Chitra Balakrishna presented for the 2016 SOLSTICE & CIT Conference

CyberGaTE National Teaching and Learning Conference for Cyber-Security 2016

Presentation by Dr. Chitra Balakrishna presented for the 2016 National Teaching and Learning Conference for Cyber-Security

CyberGaTE Abstract

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