About the CyberEdge Projects


Gamification is the application of elements of gaming design and game mechanics in a non-game context. Game players regularly exhibit risk-taking, strategising and problem solving; behaviours that are ideally required in a cyber security professional.

Gamification mechanics and game design techniques engage and motivate people to achieve their goals, encourage participation and usage.

Gamification design principles include:

Intended impacts of using gamification in CyberGaTE

Problem Based Learning

What is problem based learning (PBL)?

Resources needed to support this form of learning comprise:


The GaTE will be made available to other HEIs, industries and students over the internet, and reside in the newly created Red Rose Cloud. The virtualized training environment is built on the principles of classroom as a service technology, hosting carefully designed gamified problem-based learning resources.

Classroom-as-a-service is akin to the concept of software-as-a-service, whereby immersive learning content is hosted on a cloud based service.

Partner colleges, SMEs, larger industries and HEIs will be able to use GaTE as a cyber-security practice ground for students and staff.